Data Sheet for  Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous 



CAS no. 7446-70-0
Formula AlCl3 or Al2 Cl6
Mol Wt. 133.34 or 266.68
Code no: 112312
Appearance: Grey to Yellowish powder
  (Grains or Lumps)
Product Specification  
Purity 99.00  % Min (by Sublimation) 
Iron Content (PPM) Less then 50 PPM
Water Insolubles 0.05 % Max
Non-Volatiles 0.50 % Max
Other Metals 150 PPM
Form Supplied Partilce Size
Type 1 Powder finer than 2mm
Type 11 G rains - 2mm to 9 mm
Type 111 Lumps -Coarser than 9 mm
Other Specification  
Sp. Gravity Density of Solid 2.44 (t 25 deg C) 9/cm3
  Density of Liquid 1.31gm/ml at 200 degC at 
Melting Point 194 dec C at 2.5 atmosphere
Boiling Point 182.7 de C Sublimes at 177.8 deg C


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